Natural Remedies For Wrinkles Sagging Loose Skin

Hey in this article I’ll be sharing with you how to tighten up loose skin. You know this is something that can happen as we age and whether your issue is wrinkles sagging skin or loose skin anywhere in your body or even cellulite. These tips are gonna go a long way in helping you firm and tone up your skin. I’ll go through the best essential oils the best herbs and supplements and things that can really help. Now here’s some things I know about loose skin. Number one this can happen when you lose weight quickly. You know you can start to get some loose saggy skin with weight loss. The other big thing here is aging as you age you’re naturally going to lose some muscle mass which can cause sagging skin hormonal changes can be a risk as can smoking on a regular basis. So let’s jump in and talk about what are the best natural remedies for helping you turn firm and turn your skin. Well one great natural remedy is using essential oils on a regular basis. One of my favorites is geranium now geranium actually it’s therapeutic for the liver and kidneys.

Geranium Oil
Geranium Oil

Geranium Rose is a unique form of geranium. That is my favorite to use for doing this. Now frankincense oil frankincense oil is referenced so many times it’s the most reference essential oil in the Bible. It’s been used for beauty treatments for thousands of years and it contains a compound called pinyin which has anti inflammatory properties but Frankincense is a good oil that really also helps with skin tone. If somebody has age spots or sun damage skin frankincense oil can help naturally heal that skin area and even out that skin tone but it’s also been shown to help firm and tone up the skin because of the really unique compounds like pinyin found in this essential oils same thing you can mix this with geranium and Hobart oil apply it directly to the skin. Now probably my favorite essential ought to do is overall for the skin. Now this oil has been used throughout history to reduce bruising. If you’re a person that bruise is easy. Get some of those black and blue spots are gone. Oil reduces inflammation and actually improves circulation to those areas as well so argon oil. This is one of the number one carrier oils that’s used in a mixture with essential oils for anti aging on the skin this is a great one to use on the face.

Buy 100% Pure Frankincense Oil
100% Pure Frankincense Oil

So I really recommend a collagen and supplement I would get a collagen and supplement that as multiple sources especially chicken turkey and fish collagen and are going to be the best sources or doing a bone broth powder in a smoothie every single day that’s a bone broth a protein powder that’s bone broth based absolutely the best there of you want to use and they’ve been clinically proven these supplements to help with skinny elasticity skin moisture dryness skin roughness help all of those things. And listen to this. There is a double blind placebo study that found that women between the ages of 35 and 50 who did about five grants two to two to five grams of collagen and a day saw improvements and all these things in just eight weeks in fact I had my own relatives she started using a multi collagen and a protein supplement along with a bone bros supplement she said after just two weeks she noticed a tremendous difference in her skin her hair and her nails in a short period of time.

We’ve talked a lot about food we’ve talked about supplements lifting weights improving your overall muscle mass. Absolutely helps reduce that sagging skin and cellulite and premature wrinkles and all of these things lifting weights on a regular basis. I think for a lot of women as well. There is a fear that lifting weights will make them bulky. The truth of the matter is most women in terms of their hormones they don’t have high left levels of testosterone to actually increase muscle mass and that bulky fashion if anything they’re just feeling very toned and leaned in firm and it really is the number one thing way ahead of cardio that women should be doing as they age not just to have beautiful amazing tight firm skin but also for the health of their bones to prevent osteoporosis and overall just to balance hormones. I mean lifting weights supports hormone production in the body lifting weights just even two to three days a week for 20 to 30 minutes has tremendous benefits on the body and reducing loose and sagging skin.

Sagging Skin
Sagging Skin

Last sort of treatment here one of the last dry brushing you know dry brushing is something that can easily be done with dry brushing or basically exfoliating your skin. It can reduce cellulite appearance for a period of time. So dry brushing can be a good thing to do there as well and listen stop smoking. This should be a no brainer. I mean it is the fastest thing that will age you faster than anything else. Remember these tips use essential oils like geranium and frankincense. Use natural oils like arsenic argon oil highly ironic. Acid is a natural skin trim that consume college and promoting foods like bone broth wildcat salmon and egg yolks gig a collagen and protein supplement in your diet on a regular basis asked his anthem Lift weights do some dry brushing don’t smoke and you’re going to see that loose skin.Thanks for Reading.

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